International Meeting of the Belgian Physical Society

University of Ghent - May 27-28 2003


Geophysics, Astrophysics and Plasma Physics
Atoms, Molecules and Radiation

Chairperson : Viviane PIERRARD, Thierry BASTIN

Tuesday 27 May 2003


GP6      Experimental study of a diaphragm discharge in water

                  F. De Baerdemaeker, M. Monte, C. Leys

GP7      Reconstruction of the dayside magnetospheric boundary using Cluster

multi-spacecraft in situ measurements

                  J. De Keyser, M. Roth

GP8           The heavy ions of the solar wind: pseudo-heating by velocity filtration and accelaration in an exospheric model

                  V. Pierrard, H. Lamy, J. Lemaire

GP9      Exospheric kinetic models of the solar wind : applications to the coronal holes conditions

                  H. Lamy, V. Pierrard, M. Maksimovic, J. Lemaire

GP10         The ESA Venus-Express mission: an astrobiology point of view
                  Ch. Muller

GP11      Astrophysical problems solved by tachyolectric effect?

                  J. Steyaert

GP12      Coupling of ICRH power to JET ELMy plasmas, different issues and proposed solutions

                  P. Wouters, F. Durodie, R.H. Goulding, P.U. Lamalle, A. Walden, I. Monakhov, M. Graham, T. Blackman, J.-M. Noterdaeme, M.L. Mayoral

GP13      Investigation of self-organized criticality (SOC) behavior of edge plasma transport in TEXTOR

                  Y. Xu, S. Jachmich, R.R. Weynants

GP14      Asymptotic description of penetration of the TEXTOR dynamic ergodic divertor field

                  S. Schillebeeckx, D.W. Faulconer

GP15      Effect of ICRF mode conversion at ion-ion hybrid resonance on plasma confinement in JET

A. Lyssoivan, D. Van Eester, M. Mantsinen, A. Salmi, J.-M. Noterdaeme, I. Monakhov and EFDA-JET Work-Program Contributors

GP16         On the measurement of poloidal rotation of ions in JET ITB plasmas

                  K. Crombé, Y. Andrew, C. Giroud, N.C. Hawkes, F. Sattin, M. Valisa, K.D. Zastrow and EFDA-JET Work-Program Contributors

GP17      Some mirror points properties of trapped particles in geomagnetic fields

                  S. Batteux

GP18      Nonlinear Fourier analysis of magnetized plasma

                  G.K. Karugila, D.K. Callebaut

GP19         A new Zeff diagnostic on TEXTOR: setup and reconstruction of edge Zeff profiles from continuum measurements via (semi-)Blind source separation techniques

                  G. Verdoolaege, G. Telesca, G. Van Oost

AM2          A “portable” experiment for the study of laser-molecule interactions

                  B. Fabre, L. Malfaire, J. Posthumus, J. Jureta, X. Urbain

AM3          The cold atom micromaser in a vertical configuration

                  J. Martin, T. Bastin

AM4          K-Shell excitation of 2-propenal at the C1s and O1s edges by inner-shell electron  energy loss spectroscopy and ab initio calculations

                  M.-J. Hubin-Franskin, D. Duflot, J.-P. Flament, J. Heinesch, I.C. Walker

AM5      Hyperfine structure for neutral manganese lines of astrophysical interest

                  P.-H. Lefèbvre, H.-P. Garnir, E. Biémont

AM6      Radiative lifetime measurements and oscillator strength determination for transitions in singly ionised  praseodymium (Pr II)

                  E. Biémont, P.-H. Lefèbvre, P. Quinet, S. Svanberg, H.L. Xu

AM7      Merged-beam study of associative ionisation in collisions of C- with C+, N+ and O+

                  E.M. Staicu-Casagrande, N. de Ruette, A. Le Padellec, E.A. Naji, T. Nzeyimana, X. Urbain

AM8      Absolute cross sections for electron  impact ionisation and C+ formation from C2H+

                  H. Cherkani-Hassani, J. Jureta, D.S. Belic, P. Defrance

AM9      Lifetime measurements in highly ionised Xe

                  H.-P. Garnir, G. Lumay , P. Quinet, E. Biémont


16:15      GP1  Product yield determination of the OH-initiated oxidation of monoterpenes

            C. Amelynck, N. Schoon, E. Arijs

16:35      GP2  Influence of the non-linearity of the collision operator on ion cyclotron resonance heating of a tokamak plasma and incidence on the operation of a fusion reactor

                  F. Louche

16:55      GP3  Recent 3He radio frequency heating experiments on JET

                  D. Van Eester and JET-EFDA collaborators

17:15      GP4  Non-thermal plasma sources for surface treatment of polymers at atmospheric pressure

                  E. Temmerman, C. Leys, J. Verschuren

17:35      GP5  Plasma-body radiation

                  D.K. Callebaut

17:55      AM1  Absolute cross section for the resonant photodetachment of He-

M.S. Brouri, P.J.M. van der Burgt, J. Jureta and X. Urbain

18:15       End of oral sessions

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