Belgian Forum for Plasma Science (FPS)

Minutes of the meeting held at Mons

June 20, 1998

Present: representatives of all member laboratories with the exception of Laboratoire de Chimie Inorganique (UMH).
R.Weynants, speaker for High temperature Plasma Physics has a previous engagement.


  1. Activities of the Forum since 25/06/97.

  2. Appointment of a speaker for the Astrophysical Plasma group.

  3. Relation of the Forum with the Belgian Physical Society.

  4. Belgian Plasma Science Yellow Pages.

  5. Enlarging the mailing list to

  6. Miscellaneous.

  1. E.Desoppere (ED) speaker for the Low Temperature Plasma Physics Group, admits that since the founding meeting of 25 june 97, the activities of the Forum were almost non-existant. He proposes that the speakers meet after summer vacation in order to take a new start.

  2. As the appointement of a speaker for the Astrophysical Plasma physics group is still pending, ED proposes J.Lemaire of the IASB as speaker ; representatives of the aforementioned group agree.

  3. ED has written a letter to the chairman of the Belgian Physical society, proposing

    J.Ingels, secretary of the BPS, answers by letter of 9/4/98 that the BPS approves. In Physicalia Info nr 2, a notice was published presenting the Forum , and calling all interested for membership. No new members were enlisted.

  4. ED calls upon members to send information to P.Dumortier in order to complete the website of the Forum. P.Dumortier comments that he would provide links to the websites of the members, and that they themselves should include all relevant information. The address "" has been replaced by "". Announcements for activities such as workshops, lectures, doctorates etc. can be send to ED by E-mail, who will forward them to all members.

  5. Although it was agreed that membership is through institutes which then automatically includes all members, the question was often asked to be notified personally of any activity. ED proposes to include all individual members in the mailing list, wich will be drawn from the web sites of the adhering laboratories. Anyone who should know laboratories or individual persons which might be interested in membership can send a message to ED who will contact them.

  6. A.Grecos (ULB) asks why there is no speaker for the ULB. R.Koch explains that speakers do not represent individual laboratories, but rather groups with common reseach interests. AG argues that at this moment the offer for specialized courses in plasma physics is limited; he is in favor of pooling all resources of Belgian universities and research institutes in order to organize such a study , if possible with official certificate. This proposal will be discussed by the speakers during their first meeting.

Eric Desoppere