Belgian Forum for Plasma Science (FPS)

Minutes of the dicsussions held at the seminar afternoon held at the

Laboratory for Plasma Physics (LPP) of the

Royal Military Academy (ERM/KMS), Brussels

February 24, 2000, 14:00 h

  1. It was proposed to change the acronym of the Belgian Forum for Plasma Sciences (formerly BFPS) into a three-letter word, easier to remember. All members present at the meeting agreed with "FPS", so this was accepted.
  2. At the meeting of the BPS in December, the request of the FPS to become a corporate member of the BPS was approved. At the end of April, the three spokespersons of the FPS (J. Lemaire, G. Van Oost, A. Bogaerts) will meet the board of the BPS, to discuss the practical arrangements (which services can we expect from them? what do they expect from us?, …)
  3. The next General Scientific Meeting (GSM) of the BPS will take place at 25 and 26 May 2000. The members of the FPS are all encouraged to present a lecture or poster at the Session of "Geophysics, Astrophysics and Plasma Physics" on Friday 26 May. (Please write it in your agenda!). Abstracts should be sent to J. Lemaire before April 7. Note that following the new BPS regulations it is recommend to hang the posters on both days. From next year on, the FPS can propose an invited speaker for the GSM.
  4. The next Seminar Afternoon of the FPS will be held at BIRA-IASB in Uccle-Ukkel, on 12 October 2000. The following speakers were proposed: A. Bogaerts, F. Verheest, F. Brouillard.
  5. J. Lemaire wants to be replaced as the spokesperson for the section "Astrophysics & Geophysics Plasmas" of the FPS after the year 2000. The new spokesperson should be active in this field, and should preferably come from the French-speaking part of the country. Proposals are welcome to J. Lemaire, and will be discussed at the meeting in May.
  6. Finally, it was also indicated that a rotation of the spokespersons on a basis of three or four years could be a wise and advisable procedure to maintain momentum and to bring in new initiatives in the administration and leadership of the FPS.

A. Bogaerts