Belgian Forum for Plasma Science (FPS)

Minutes of the autumn meeting on Tuesday 14th November 2000 at BIRA-IASB in Ukkel/Uccle

  1. There were 20 participants, representing ERM-KMS, RUG, BIRA-IASB, UIA and UCL
  2. Two seminars were given: " Numerical modelling of glow discharge plasmas" by Annemie Bogaerts (UIA) and " Recent developments in dusty plasmas" by Frank Verheest (RUG).
  3. Corporate membership BPS
    The annual fee to BPS will be paid alternately by the three Sections of FPS (Fusion/hot Plasmas, Discharge/cold plasmas and Astrophysical/geophysical plasmas)

    Guido Van Oost (RUG) will replace Joseph Lemaire (BIRA/IASB) as FPS member of the BPS Board, and will attend the BPS General Statutory Assembly in December 2000. At that meeting Jérôme Pamela (Director JET) will be nominated by BPS as Invited speaker at the BPS General Scientific Meeting (KUL, 16&17 May 2001)
  4. FPS spokesperson

    Viviane Pierrard ( BIRA/IASB) has been nominated to replace Joseph Lemaire as spokesperson of the Section Astrophysical/geophysical plasmas.
  5. The next FPS meeting will be organised by Annemie Bogaerts at UIA on Wednesday 21 February

Written by G. Van Oost