Belgian Forum for Plasma Science (FPS)

Minutes of the Winter-Spring FPS meeting on Wednesday 21 February 2001 at the University of Antwerp (UIA)

  1. There were 38 participants, representing UIA, KUL, BIRA-IASB, RUG, ERM-KMS and UMH.
  2. Two seminars were given:
  3. Corporate membership BPS

    FPS is corporate member of BPS. The main items in proposal of the "Terms of references" document submitted to the board of the BPS have not been approved at the last Council meeting of BPS. The reasons are that the Treasurer of BPS is afraid of a "potential" negative effect this would have on the membership of BPS; furthermore there is no official list of FPS members that could benefit of the requested advantages. Therefore, a "no-action attitude" from the FPS side has been suggested.

  4. BPS General Assembly (16-17 May 2001, KULeuven)

    Jérôme Pamela (Director JET) has been accepted as the invited speaker proposed by FPS for the next Assembly of BPS.

    The Plasma session will be held on Wednesday 16 May 2001.
    Deadline for inscription is 1 May.
    Deadline for abstract submission is 23 March 2001.
    The abstracts have to be sent to Annemie Bogaerts (UIA), with indication of poster or oral preference.

    Young participants are encouraged to be candidates for the scientific prizes offered by BPS for the best posters and oral presentations. More details on the conditions for application and on the program of the General Assembly will be circulated as soon as possible among the FPS members.

  5. Next FPS meeting

    The next Fall FPS meeting will be organized in September or October 2001 at KULeuven by Prof. M. Goossens. The speakers and the final date will be decided during the BPS General Assembly.

  6. FPS spokesperson

    The nomination of Viviane Pierrard (BIRA/IASB) has been confirmed to replace Joseph Lemaire as spokesperson of the Section Astrophysical/Geophysical plasmas. He was one of the founders of FPS.

Prepared by V. Pierrard, IASB-BIRA, Brussels