Belgian Forum for Plasma Science (FPS)

 Minutes of the FPS meeting held at KUL (Leuven) on Wednesday January 16, 2002
  1. There were 33 participants, representing KUL, BIRA-IASB, RUG, UIA, ERM-KMS, KSB-ORB, and FOM.
  2. Agenda
13h45 Coffee

14h10 Welcome address by Marcel Goossens

14h15 Seminar given by Rony Keppens (FOM):

"Gaining realism in magnetized plasma computations"

15h00 Coffee

15h30 Seminar given by Irakli Nonobashvili (BIRA-IASB):

"On some aspects of Plasma Turbulence in Tokamaks and Possibility of its External Control".

16h15 General discussion of the FPS chaired by Guido Van Oost - BPS next meeting:

The next General Scientific Meeting of the Belgian Physical Society will be held at the Université de Liège on Wednesday 5 and Thursday 6 June 2002. The session on Plasma physics, geophysics and astrophysics will be held on 6 June in the afternoon. The abstracts (with indication of poster or oral preference) have to be sent to Viviane Pierrard (IASB) who co-ordinates this session. The deadline has not yet been given but should be around six weeks before the meeting. A message will be sent to the members of the Forum to give more information about the program of the meeting.

All the scientific teams present at the forum have already organized a FPS meeting. Prof. J. Lemaire proposed to ask to Pierre Defrance (UCL) to organize the next Fall FPS meeting in October or November 2002. If

P. Defrance agrees with this proposition, the speakers will be decided at the BPS meeting.

A joint 2003 spring meeting on Plasma Physics is planned in Aachen (Germany) on March 24-28, 2003. Germany, United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Belgium will participate. Around 400 participants are expected. In the spirit of the annual German Spring Meeting, this joint meeting should in the first place offer a forum to young researchers to present and discuss their results. Therefore, the registration costs will be kept low (RWTH Aavhen offers free conference rooms, and FZ Jülich will provide organizational assistance). Further details will be discussed in April. - Appointment of a new secretary: Pierre Dumortier will assume new tasks in Jülich and therefore wanted to be replaced as secretary of the Belgian Forum for Plasma Sciences. Fabrice Louche from ERM-KMS was candidate and nominated as a new secretary. The members of the Forum thank Pierre Dumortier for all the accomplished work. J. Lemaire proposed that one of the two seminars given at the next FPS Meetings could be more tutorial. R.Weynants suggested that one of the FPS member teams (e.g. the inviting team) would give an overview of his main research topics. A remark was that this is already the aim of the general BPS meeting,but in fact only partially. The suggestion will be followed.

G. Van Oost reminded the idea of involving industry into the FPS activities, and asked the members to think about it. He also reminded the possibility of applying for FWO scientific networks, which should however be rather topical.

V. Pierrard