Belgian Forum for Plasma Sciences (FPS)

Seminar Meeting: Tuesday 17 December 2002 - UCL

Auditorium Cyclo01 - Building M. de Hemptinne -  Physics department

Chemin du Cyclotron, 2 - Louvain-la-Neuve.




14.30:  Pierre Defrance: Introduction


14.40:  F. Brouillard (UCL):

"Atomic collisions with Hydrogen"


15.40:  U. Fantz (U. of Augsburg):

"Hydrogen Molecules in Technical and Fusion Plasmas"


16.40: Coffee Break


17.00: Guido Van Oost: General FPS discussion session

* BPS: General Scientific Meeting (Gent, 27-28 May 2003)

* FPS - Next seminar meeting (organiser, place and date, proposed speakers)

* 2003 spring meeting on Plasma Physics: abstract deadline reminder

            * Any other business


17.30: End


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