In 2006, the International Scientific Meeting of the Belgian Physical Society (BPS) (Belgische Natuurkundige Vereniging – Société Belge de Physique, BNV-SBP) will take place on


Friday, 28 April 2006 at

Leiden University

in association with the Dutch Physical Society (Nederlandse Natuur-kundige Vereniging, NNV) and Leiden University (Universiteit Leiden).

Programme Fysica 2006

09h30  Reception

10h00 Welcome

10h15  Lecture by Joost Frenken: "Atomic friction and how to avoid it"

10h45  Coffee break, during which:
                  - Poster Market
                  - Master Programmes Market
                  - Industrial and Institutes Market

11h15  Physica lecture by Gert-Jan van Heijst

12h00 Lunch break, during which:
                  -  Algemene Ledenvergadering Nederlandse Natuurkundige Vereniging
          -  Round Table: "Physics Publishing in Europe: where do we (want to) go ?"
          -  Markets (see above)

14h00  Parallel sessions

16h00  Tea break, during which:
                  - Markets (see above)

16h30  Lecture by Christoffel Waelkens: "How nuclear and chemical processes 
          shape dying stars"

17h00  NTvN award and ‘Natuurkundedocent van het Jaar’ award (NNV)

17h15  Nobelprize lecture

18h15  Scientific Prize and Poster Contest Prize (BPS)   

18h30  Banquet and drinks

20h00  Evening forum on "Cosmology, evolution and intelligent design"

Parallel sessions

Š       Industrial and Technological Physics: Physics fuels industry

o      organized by Jos van Haaren (Philips, NL) and Jo De Boeck (IMEC, B)


Š       Nanophysics and Nanotechnology

o      organized by Jan van Ruitenbeek (U Leiden, NL) and 

o      Chris Van Haesendonck (KU Leuven, B)


Š       Quantum Information and Computation

o      organized by Carlo Beenakker (U Leiden, NL) and Lieven van der Sypen

o      (TU Delft, B)


Š       Astro-particle Physics and Cosmology

Š            organized by Ana Achúcarro (U Leiden, NL) and Catherine De Clercq

Š            (VU Brussel, B)


Š       Geophysics and Meteorology: Atmospheric physics and climate change

o      organized by Harm Jonker (TU Delft, NL) and Viviane Pierrard (Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy, B)


Š       Plasma Physics

o      organized by Roger Jaspers (FOM Rijnhuizen, NL) and Raymond Koch (Royal Military Academy, B)


Š       Physics Teaching: New approaches to student motivation and understanding

o      organized by Chris van Weert (U Amsterdam, NL) and Jacqueline Hellemans (KU Leuven, B)


Š       Students Session : A physicist plays pool / RINO

o      organized by Richard Sanders (U Nijmegen, NL), Nienke van der Marel

o      (U Leiden, NL) and Tina Piga (U Antwerpen, B)


Please register preferentially via the Conference Website:

Participants without access to internet facilities may register by telephone to Mrs. Ingrid FAAS (NNV) at 0031 – 20 – 592 2211.

Registration fees:

Student member (BNV-SBP or NNV): 15 euro, Student non member: 20 euro.

Member (BNV-SBP or NNV): 40 euro if paid before March, 17 (thereafter: 55 euro).

Non member: 60 euro if paid before March, 17 (thereafter: 75 euro).

Unemployed / retired: 25 euro if paid before March, 17 (thereafter: 35 euro).

To join the dinner buffer (registration before April, 14), add: 10 euro for students and 15 euro for non-students.